Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wacky Wednesday!

This week is Read Me Week at AZ Kelley Elementary! It has been a week of fun filled activities, but it is also the first full week of school that we have had since Christmas! So...that is one CRAZY week!
Today was Wacky Wednesday and the picture shows my kindergarten team dressed up for the festivities! :)(later in the day I sported pig tails,but no pic was taken! ha!) What a team! I love these girls! We fit in perfect for the theme today...Wacky! :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This is what having older sisters can do.....

Our older two girls both have cell phones, so Klaire thinks she needs one too! I am sure that a 4 year old needs a cell phone- NOT! She loves to take my phone or Joe's and push the buttons really fast.....when asked what she is doing she always replies "I am texting!" Monkey see...Monkey do! Tonight Kassidy was actually texting Klaire on my cell phone and then teaching her how to reply.... this may be dangerous!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentines for 27 years! ( 7 dating- 20 married!)

A heart cookie for my sweetheart! I used to make these for Joe when we were dating- brings back memories! :)

Alli, Kassidy and Emily ( Emily couldn't have a cookie because of allergies)

Alli (my neice)

All the girls with their heart chocolate chip cookies! :)

Happy Valentine's Day! This year, my daughter, Karlee wanted to make something special for her boyfriend for this day! I started thinking about what I used to do for Joe when we were dating....which led me to the idea of making a huge chocolate chip heart cookie. I used to make those for Joe since it was his favorite! I told her that I would help her....then thought why not make one for Joe to surprise him and then for all the girls! The one for Joe turned out pretty well...but the girls you can see from the pics that the icing helped make the hearts! LOL!
We celebrated last night with a movie and dinner and a little shopping spree! I have the best husband in the world! I love you, Joe! :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sharing Popcorn...

Tonight, I decided to pop some popcorn for us to eat while watching the new season of Survivor! Klaire and I were sharing a bowl while sitting in Joe's recliner. She decided that I was eating too much so she divided the popcorn into 2 separate piles in the bowl. As I reached down for more popcorn, I reached on her side not knowing that she just did this- she quickly told me that I was to eat only the popcorn on my side. She is such a mess! :)

Project Chosen

A dear friend of mine that I met through the adoption community online(and finally in person) asked me to be a part of her Project Chosen posts in the month of February. She is featuring adoption stories from different families that she knows. Well....tomorrow (Feb. 12) is the big day that our Chosen daugther, Klaire, will be featured! It is such an honor that God chose our family to be Klaire's forever family! I love telling our story to anyone that will sit and listen! I am thankful for the opportunity to share what God has done for our family through adoption! Our lives are blessed beyond measure! You can click on the Project Chosen button on the side bar to go to her blog. You will truly be blessed as you read each story!
Thanks Jeanette for asking me to be a part of this wonderful project! :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I have always enjoyed Valentine's Day since I was little! I loved buying the boxes of paper valentines and filling them out for my friends. It was always so much fun to open up those little paper cards to see who they were from.
My girls have enjoyed filing out valentines as well. Now they think they are getting "too old" for filling out the little paper ones, but Klaire is just now starting to get the excitement!
She had so much fun going and picking out her favorite box of valentines. She had a hard time deciding between the Princess ones, Ni Hao Kai Lin, and the Barbie ones. She finally decided on the Princess cards, but had to have suckers to go along with them for her friends too. You can actually afford to buy the bag of suckers when you only have to pay $1 for the box of cards! ;)
Last night, we sat down at the table and we took our her class list and started picking out each friend their special valentine. She wrote her name on each one. She was really impressed that I knew the names of each of her classmates...she forgot that I had the class list in front of me! LOL! As you can see, she was very proud of her work as was I! I hope that she will always find the joy in the little things as she does now!

20 years ago....

Dell Ann and I - teaching buddies and great friends!

Dell Ann's Family

Joe with a few of his former students

Ms. Doris-99 years old! :)-used to go to her house for tomato sandwiches!

This past weekend we went to Glennville, Georgia. Glennville is a small little town in south GA that is about 1 hr. away from Savannah. This small little town holds a VERY special place in Joe and I's hearts! 20years ago we graduated college, got married, and moved to Glennville to teach at GCA- Glennville Christian Academy.
We were very young- 21 & 22! (that really seems young now that we are 41! LOL!)

We lived 2 years there. I taught 2nd grade and Joe taught Jr. High & HS. I was also the cheerleading coach and he was the coach for most of the sports there! We had some great times going to all the games and just being with the kids there!
Joe was also the part time youth pastor at the Glennville FWB church.

We lived in a very old house on the main street there for the first year of our marriage.(that house is now torn down! :( ) The next year we lived in a brand new funeral home! Yes...I did say...funeral home! It was so nice and brand new! Hey...for $100 a month...we couldn't pass it up! LOL! :) I used to always tell people that you better come see us before you have to! LOL! :)

Going back there this past weekend brought back many wonderful memories of our time there! Even though it was only 2 short years...we made so many wonderful friends and left a part of our heart there!

We stayed with one of Joe's former students and his family, who is now a doctor in the town and has 4 beautiful children! (talk about making you feel old! ha!) We got to see a lot of our former students & teacher friends and church people that we haven't seen in over 18 years! What wonderful people live there!

I am so thankful that God led us to little Glennville, GA to begin not only our marriage there but also our ministry! It will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I LOVE snow days! I know being a teacher I should not be as excited as the kids are, but I think I am even more excited! :) Snow days are just so much fun to spend time as a family sledding, making snow angels, eating soup and snuggling on the couch with good movies. Snow days are just made for relaxing and spending time with family!
After moving to Nashville from Missouri, I didn't really think we would have any good snow days this year. Little did I know that we would bring the snow with us from MO! ;) School has been out now for 3 days and we are loving it! These are days that will make so many memories for a lifetime!
Poor Klaire has been sick during this whole time we have been out, so no sledding for her...she got out to take a few snow pics and then was in the car while the rest of us went sledding. I was very thankful that I was able to be home with her while she was sick instead of having to take some sick days! You know you need your momma when you are sick!:)
Hope all of you enjoy snow days as much as our family does! It makes me so thankful for a warm house and warm p.j.'s (that is pretty much what we have been in these past few days)!
Now that we have had our 5 built in snow days...I am ready to go back to school and bring on summer! :)

P.S. (the one in the face mask is Kassidy...she didn't want to take her face mask off just for a picture- it was too cold! LOL! :)