Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I love spring! This week it has been beautiful everyday! Of course, we want to get outside and play some after school since it is so pretty. The two older girls have practice almost every night- Karlee for the musical, Singing in the Rain and Kassidy for basketball. So, as Klaire told me tonight, "It's just you and me again, mom!"

First, she watered my flowers on the porch and then she wanted to play "hop-cotch" (as she calls it- she can not say her s's). She says she has been playing it at school. So.....she went and got out the sidewalk chalk and begged me to make a "hop-cotch" for her. As I was making it, she was getting so excited and even clapped when I finished! :)

She went and found 4 "good" rocks to play. As you know, hopscotch usually goes to 10......well, needless to say....that was not good enough for the princess! She wanted me to make it to 12- then 15- then 18- and finally stopped at 22! We have the longest "hop-cotch" out in the road in front of our house! She can't wait to show her sisters and her daddy! :)

Concentrating on where to throw her rock!

Wasn't satisfied with just 10- she wanted to go up to 15!

Up to 17 & 18?? Have you ever seen a hopscotch this long?!

She added to 22!!! She wanted to keep on going....but it was time to go in and take a bath!

One proud little girl!

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