Tuesday, February 9, 2010

20 years ago....

Dell Ann and I - teaching buddies and great friends!

Dell Ann's Family

Joe with a few of his former students

Ms. Doris-99 years old! :)-used to go to her house for tomato sandwiches!

This past weekend we went to Glennville, Georgia. Glennville is a small little town in south GA that is about 1 hr. away from Savannah. This small little town holds a VERY special place in Joe and I's hearts! 20years ago we graduated college, got married, and moved to Glennville to teach at GCA- Glennville Christian Academy.
We were very young- 21 & 22! (that really seems young now that we are 41! LOL!)

We lived 2 years there. I taught 2nd grade and Joe taught Jr. High & HS. I was also the cheerleading coach and he was the coach for most of the sports there! We had some great times going to all the games and just being with the kids there!
Joe was also the part time youth pastor at the Glennville FWB church.

We lived in a very old house on the main street there for the first year of our marriage.(that house is now torn down! :( ) The next year we lived in a brand new funeral home! Yes...I did say...funeral home! It was so nice and brand new! Hey...for $100 a month...we couldn't pass it up! LOL! :) I used to always tell people that you better come see us before you have to! LOL! :)

Going back there this past weekend brought back many wonderful memories of our time there! Even though it was only 2 short years...we made so many wonderful friends and left a part of our heart there!

We stayed with one of Joe's former students and his family, who is now a doctor in the town and has 4 beautiful children! (talk about making you feel old! ha!) We got to see a lot of our former students & teacher friends and church people that we haven't seen in over 18 years! What wonderful people live there!

I am so thankful that God led us to little Glennville, GA to begin not only our marriage there but also our ministry! It will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart!

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