Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I LOVE snow days! I know being a teacher I should not be as excited as the kids are, but I think I am even more excited! :) Snow days are just so much fun to spend time as a family sledding, making snow angels, eating soup and snuggling on the couch with good movies. Snow days are just made for relaxing and spending time with family!
After moving to Nashville from Missouri, I didn't really think we would have any good snow days this year. Little did I know that we would bring the snow with us from MO! ;) School has been out now for 3 days and we are loving it! These are days that will make so many memories for a lifetime!
Poor Klaire has been sick during this whole time we have been out, so no sledding for her...she got out to take a few snow pics and then was in the car while the rest of us went sledding. I was very thankful that I was able to be home with her while she was sick instead of having to take some sick days! You know you need your momma when you are sick!:)
Hope all of you enjoy snow days as much as our family does! It makes me so thankful for a warm house and warm p.j.'s (that is pretty much what we have been in these past few days)!
Now that we have had our 5 built in snow days...I am ready to go back to school and bring on summer! :)

P.S. (the one in the face mask is Kassidy...she didn't want to take her face mask off just for a picture- it was too cold! LOL! :)

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