Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I have always enjoyed Valentine's Day since I was little! I loved buying the boxes of paper valentines and filling them out for my friends. It was always so much fun to open up those little paper cards to see who they were from.
My girls have enjoyed filing out valentines as well. Now they think they are getting "too old" for filling out the little paper ones, but Klaire is just now starting to get the excitement!
She had so much fun going and picking out her favorite box of valentines. She had a hard time deciding between the Princess ones, Ni Hao Kai Lin, and the Barbie ones. She finally decided on the Princess cards, but had to have suckers to go along with them for her friends too. You can actually afford to buy the bag of suckers when you only have to pay $1 for the box of cards! ;)
Last night, we sat down at the table and we took our her class list and started picking out each friend their special valentine. She wrote her name on each one. She was really impressed that I knew the names of each of her classmates...she forgot that I had the class list in front of me! LOL! As you can see, she was very proud of her work as was I! I hope that she will always find the joy in the little things as she does now!


  1. I cannot believe how big she is!! She is so pretty! and SO BIG!

  2. so sweet! btw...happy to see you back in the blogging world! ;)

  3. We did Maggie's this week--Littlest Pet Shop! Klaire is beautiful!