Thursday, March 25, 2010


My Kindergarten Team

Heather & I at Kindergarten registration (notice the Sonic cups-gotta have the caffine!)

I am so blessed! Almost a year ago, I knew we would be moving to Nashville, TN. I was happy and sad at the same time. Happy for the new opportunities, but sad to leave behind good friends and a great job!

Almost a year later....I see how the Lord orchestrated our move and had His hand in the whole thing!

I left an amazing team of kindergarten teachers (16 of us) and an amazing school - Esther Elementary. Although, I miss my friends there dearly....God has blessed me with an amazing new team of kindergarten teachers (8 of us) and another amazing school- A.Z. Kelley Elementary!! I just love how God orchestrates everything so perfect!

This year has been a huge adjustment for our family with Joe's new new job...the girls new schools...etc. But through all the choas of a move across several states, I can say that it was worth it! :)

I love teaching kindergarten and how much more can you love a job when you have outstanding teachers & staff to work with! I am so thankful at how they accepted me and brought me on board from day one!

From Sonic stops in the morning (Thanks, Ruth!!), eating out every chance we can get,
celebrating birthdays, amazing cooks on my team, new recipes they give out, laughing uncontrollably, crying on each other's shoulders, praying over each other's needs to taking on each others "precious" students & texting each other to find out what we are wearing the next day.....I love my kindergarten team!!! :)

Thanks girls for making me feel a part from the get go! You all are amazing!!! :)

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  1. Julie, I'm so happy to read about your great experience at work. Though it was so hard to let you go, I see that God had a perfect plan for you guys. Miss you so much, but have finally really gotten to a place of accepting that God had some other place He wanted you. (Now, it's my turn, Jesus!) ;) Love you!