Friday, March 26, 2010


Today before school, my friend Julia, brought me a Frappe from McDonald's. If you haven't tried one....try the carmel...even if you are not a coffee drinker! I am not a coffee drinker and they are great! :)
Well, while sipping on it this morning in class, my kiddos said, "Mrs. Wilson is drinking a shake." I then proceeded to assure them that it was NOT a shake, it was "coffee" , at least my type of coffee. ;)
One of my students, then piped up to tell me that his uncle drinks coffe and he is REALLY big! (showing me with hand motions just how big his uncle is) Taken back by his comment, I said, "Do you think I am big?" ( not a great question to ask kindergarteners....) Then they all started telling me aloud..."Mrs. Wilson, you are not big- you are skinny, you are beautiful..." and etc.... (one reason I LOVE teaching kindergarten! LOL!)
After a little time of listening to everyone's opinion of how I of my boys (who I might extremely smart) stood up and said, while making precise hand motions, "Mrs. Wilson-you know there is like hot and cold and you are right in the middle- kinda like WARM!"
Warm, huh?! Don't exactly know how to take that....but....warm is better than cold...but I am working toward being hot! LOL!


  1. As soon as I saw the title I laughed. You have to love the things our kids say to us. Thanks for a good laugh today.

  2. You need to keep a journal of these "quips" - Funny thing I had a carmel one this morning too from McCafe - 1st time and I liked it too

  3. Heh- that is awesome. I think I would count as uh, warm headed towards hot.