Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Aunt Tara Tuesday!

Tonight we went to see Aunt Tara. Karlee and I went to get our haircut. While we were there...Klaire decided she wanted to get her hair cut too. She knew exactly what she wanted done with her hair and then told Aunt Tara just how to do it! LOL! She wanted it cut really short because she said that way everyone would ask her if she got her hair cut and she could say yes! ha! She is such a mess! She did get about 2 inches cut off. I wish you could have seen how she was smiling and posing while she was getting it cut! After Tara was finished, she wanted her to curl it! She loves curly hair. Needless to say...Aunt Tara curled her hair and she is feeling beautiful as you can see from the pic! :) She can't wait to show her teacher, Mrs. Robin, tomorrow....the sad thing is....I hate to tell her that it won't look this way in the morning!

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