Saturday, March 21, 2009

1 marker, 2 walls & a 3 yr. old blooming artist!

    What is it with markers, walls and 3 yr. olds????   Klaire LOVES to color!  Now that she can write her name - at least the letters in it...she loves to write it anywhere- even on her sister's bedroom wall.....
   Back in January, Klaire used her coloring skills to draw a dragon on her bedroom wall.  It was a nice dragon that was luckily easy to clean because thankfully she drew it with a washable marker.  She was very proud of her dragon and cried when we cleaned it off.  We thought that was the end of it......
    Well, tonight after we had cleaned out our closets and I had cleaned out some old purses- I left a black sharpie on the floor in our bedroom not realizing it.  Well, my 3 yr. old realized it and decided to write her name on Kassidy's bedroom wall.  Kassidy didn't see what she was doing until Klaire yelled at her and said, "Hey sis, look what me wrote on your wall! "   Kassidy being the wonderful big sis...ran to tell dad!  Joe came in and got on to her and told her that she should not do that ever again- she cried and cried!  Why is it that when dad gets on to them they cry, but it seems to take more than that for mom?? UGH!
   After she sat in her room for a little bit crying &  yelling for me...I went in there and asked her why she did that.... all she could say was, "cause".   They learn that way too early too...don't you think?!
    It was time for bed...and Joe was in the bathroom and overheard Klaire in Kassidy's room saying to Kass, " Oh no...I forgot my r & e!  Oh, there's my r...I just forgot my e! "  She was still really proud of her writing skills even after being in big trouble!  She is such a mess!

   Another funny Klaire saying this week.....we were getting ready to go outside one day and Klaire's allergies were acting up.  Her eyes & nose were running.   It was a nice day so I put a short sleeve top on her.  She said, "Mommy, why you put short sleeves on me?"  I told her because it was warm outside.  She proceeded to tell me then, "No, me need long-sleeves 'cause I need to wipe my nose! "  as she swiped her arm across her nose to show me just how it was done!  Oh my- this girl is constantly cracking us up! :) 


  1. Oh my...and a sharpie to boot?! Well...I guess there are no words, the pictures say it all! Jeff's nieces colored over his old bedroom like that when they were that age. I mean ALL over, in red permanent marker. It's actually still ALL there, 10 years later! Loved what she said about needing long sleeves, they have the best reasoning don't they?

  2. I remember when you and Craig did the same thing!! It is just too much fun having a big wall to write on!! She is a mess!! Tell her Mawmaw loves her!!

  3. Oh my... I guess I'd best keep the markers up and away from the grandbabies, they are getting to that age! I remember when my oldest was about 3 and her nose was running but she said her nose was "walking!" Love those memories!!