Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break & the ER

                                                 Sisters enjoying the sunshine!
                                                  Enjoying a picnic in the yard!
                                      Klaire showing off her big girl bike!
                                             Take a look at Karlee's won't last long! 
                                            Same with Kassidy's closet!
                             Klaire & her cheesy grin while getting her nails painted!
                                                  Karlee getting her pedicure!
                                 Finally home after the ER!  We had Taco Bell for supper! :)

  We have been on spring break this past week!  It has been so nice to have a week off! :)  The weather has been overall beautiful- except for these past couple of days.  It was so much fun seeing family in TN, going to the park, playing with sidewalk chalk, playing basketball ( well, a little) and running/walking each day outside. Karlee, Klaire & I even went and had a pedicure to get ready for the sandals!  Klaire only wanted her fingernails done! :) WOW...I LOVE spring!  We have also done some spring cleaning...we cleaned out our closets and the girls cleaned their rooms (which they needed to badly).   When spring is in the air...everything seems a little easier to do! :)  
   We were having great day on Wednesday...just got back from the HS track after we took a walk. I started making supper...I thought we would have fried potatoes with veggies.  I started slicing the potatoes with a knife and doing just fine...when my husband comes in and offers for me to use his "handy-dandy" vegetable slicer that he bought the other day.  He showed me how to use it and then offered for me to try it out.  The last thing I remember him saying was..."Be sure and be very careful! That thing is really sharp! "  The next thing I knew I screamed ouch and put my finger under the faucet in the kitchen sink.  I thought I just cut my finger a little...well, I didn't just knick it...I almost cut off the whole end of my pointer finger!  I just remember saying..."I don't want to go to the ER! "  Well, I had to go and almost passed out twice, but finally after 3 hours and 4 finger is on the mend. Thanks to my wonderful husband who took such GREAT care of me!  He will be using that slicer from now on and I will stick to my knife! :)
    I am sure my kindergarteners will love to hear the story when I get back to school on Monday after they see my finger all bandaged up! ha!
  Hope you all are enjoying your spring!  Bring on the capris and flip flops! :)  Summer is just around the corner! :)


  1. Girlfriend, I still can't get over what you did to your finger!!! Next time...FROZEN FRENCH FRIES!!! Much less dangerous!

    Glad you guys are enjoying a fun spring break! We don't have ours until the week after Easter and I think we are heading up to Ohio. Love all the pictures!

  2. so sweet! It was great to meet you too! Thanks for commenting! :) H

  3. Great pictures!!! Glad you're on the mend!! I agree, let hubby use the gadget you stick to the knife. I'd do the same thing :-) Have a wonderful Sunday celebration!

  4. Yes, it is official! Joe should be the one to use the handy dandy new gadget not you! I was trying to make baked homemade sweet potatoe fries tonight using a knife and almost took a hunk out of my finger and thought of you. Why are those things so hard to slice up? Glad your finger is on the mend.