Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Little Trooper

Kassidy has been sick for the last 2 days and finally went back to school today!
While at school, she was running out to recess and someone stuck out their foot and
tripped her.  She landed on the asphalt nose first!  To top off her day...she had 
basketball pictures after school!  I just told her it will make good memories later when we look at the pictures! :)   As a mom, I would like to find the kid that tripped her and give him a piece of my mind!  She makes me sore just looking at her! Thanks goes to the school nurse who bandaged her up really well!  She is such a trooper and taking it all in stride!  I am sure she is going to be very sore tomorrow!  She has her last basketball game Saturday- hopefully she will be feeling a lot better by then!
 (as you can see...she wasn't thrilled about me taking this pics! )


  1. Give Kassidy a hug from Mollie and Jamie and tell her that we miss her!

  2. oh, Julie, poor Kassidy! hope she gets to feeling better soon! I was just looking at pictures recently when you guys were down her about this time last year. We had such a good time. Would love to see you again!