Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad!

  Today is my dad's birthday!  On his birthday- I can think of so many reasons I am thankful to my dad and for my dad! Here are a few of those reasons:

* He has always been there for me!
* He taught me how to fish-even though I didn't really care to learn- I was just on the boat for a good tan.
* He always made sure my brother and I were treated equally- still does! :)
* He taught me what a curfew was! 
* He taught me that everyone has a special name to him- he always makes them up- mine was "Nules" and" Yuska-nules- Apuchie" ( I think that is how you would spell it!)  Don't know where he comes up with them- but all my girls have them too! :)  Even Joe was "Wilsoninski". 
* He taught me to always go to people and work things out! - not always easy, but I am so thankful that he taught me that!
* He taught me how to check the oil in my car. (he used to call me in college and the first thing he would ask- "have you checked your oil")
* He taught me how to be a good steward of my money.
* He taught me that I should be at church each time the doors were open- even if I was sick! :) (mom helped me out a few times- since I was puking!-thanks mom! ) :)
* He taught me to always try even when it was hard!
* He taught me how to watch the news with my eyes shut! :)
* He taught me to always do my best!
* He taught me to work hard!
* He taught me to love Jesus with all of my heart!
* He taught me that family was special & important!
* He helped show me the world by taking me on many family vacations!  
* He taught me to NEVER run from him when I was in trouble!  ( I always did anyway!)
* He taught me what the sound of a belt being pulled through belt loops sounded like! :) ( I can still hear that sound! ha!)
* He taught me to respect others!
* He taught me that you can do anything you put your mind to!
* He taught me how to stand up for what is right!
* He provided everything I have ever needed and much more- a lot of wants too!  He still loves to share with us! 
* He provided me with a Christian home to grow up in and for that I am so grateful!
* He has shown me how much he loves me over and over again in so many ways!
* He has taught me that even though we live several hours apart- he is always a phone call away!

There are soooo many more things my dad has taught me in the past 40 years that I couldn't possibly list them all!  Dad, I appreciate and love you so much!  Thanks for being the best dad a girl could ask for! :)  I hope you have had a GREAT birthday!  I hope to celebrate many more with you!  
I love you,
Nules :)

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  1. What a sweet post! I lost my dad to cancer 19 months ago. I wish I could say that he was a Christian, he was religiously a church goer but I don't think (unless it was a last moment cry to Jesus) that he was saved. He was Catholic. I shared with him again the need for salvation the week before he died so I know that he went into the hands of a just God who does what is right and I have to leave it there with Him. It sounds like you know what a blessing you have in a Christian father. You are definitely blessed, my dear! Have a wonderful weekend!