Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Proud Mom Moment! :)

I teach the preschool class at church on Wednesday nights with a friend, Marlene.  Tonight- we were talking about Jonah and the whale.  After we did the lesson, Marlene gave them a color sheet and let the kids color it.  Klaire yelled out that she was finished, so I told her to write her name on her paper (just waiting on her to scribble something like she usually does)- well, she proceeded to do it!  I was pretty surprised!  Her babysitter, Becky, has been working with her on her name-I didn't realize it!   She wrote a perfect K, then l, a, i then her r she did pretty well.  I had to help her with her e.   She colors and writes better than some of kindergarteners! :)  (no kidding!)   So, I just wanted to share a my proud mom moment today!  :)


  1. Yea Klaire!!!!! Good for you! You did a great job writing your name and coloring the whale!

  2. Klaire-I am so proud of you! I would be proud too Julie! Love the new blog! Have a great day!

  3. Great job Klaire! You are doing a wonderful job!
    :) Melanie Curry (Sophie's mommy)